Monday, May 19, 2014

Strider is off on new Adventures, back in time!

Today Began a grand new and exciting adventure as he flew back to Colorado back to his program to finish  his training.  Flying across timezones he is now 2 hours behind us and we have a running joke of him going back in time to his program.  So naturally we couldn't resist a photo opp the day before his flight!His journey back began at 4 Am with breakfast water and a nice long run out before we made our way to the airport He was very calm and flew united petsafe! Strider made it safely and was right at home back with his program! He will be greatly missed and i will be eagerly awaiting the completion of his training and his return home!  i know he is in the best hands!!!  Thank you So much to Elaine and Hedy for all their hard work and support and for continuing his training! I really can't say enough amazing things about his program Strider I miss you a whole bunch but I know your in great hands. see you again soon!  Strider has many amazing adventures ahead of him on his journey and I will keep you as updated as I can!

Off on new adventure!

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