Saturday, May 10, 2014

Strider Autism Service Dog in training

        This is Strider he  is  my a young German Shepherd pup currently in training to become my next service dog, Strider has an amazing temperament and is very friendly, playful loving and full of Spirit with a natural love of learning and working! He is my world and the blessing I have been praying for. Strider has been living with me for 3 months now but is going to be finishing his training with his program and then I will be attending the 2 week training session and graduation and bribing him home. Over the last few months I have grown to know and love strider more then words could ever express! This blog will be used to track him progress and share  his on going adventures through out his training and life as an Autism service dog,  photos of my handsome guy below

Strider is named after strider from J.RR Tolkien The lord of the rings
Strider and Nim

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